G2 eSports Loses a Map Ban for an Exploit

G2 eSports Loses Map Ban by Dan Reyes

G2 Loses a Map Ban for an Exploit

Earlier today, G2 Esports received a competitive ruling for using an exploit during their match against Supermassive Blaze in the VCT EMEA Challengers, Week 2. After the competition, officials were made aware of the exploit, and they did an investigation soon after.

According to the VALORANT Global Competition Policy 7.2.6 Exploiting, any intentional usage of any in-game bug to seek advantage against the enemy team is considered exploiting and prohibited. A first offense for the usage of exploits will result in an official warning, and consecutive offenses will be dealt with even harsher penalties.

taken from @valesports_emea Twitter

G2 Esports already has an existing official warning on record, meaning G2 will receive a harsher penalty for the offense. G2 will lose a map ban during map veto for their next VCT EMEA Challengers match against Acend.

The public has a mixed reaction, both in favor and against the ruling made by the tournament officials. Others also state that Riot Games should fix these bugs to avoid further exploitation.

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